How Home Buyers and Sellers Can Stay Proactive & Position Themselves for a Post COVID-19 World

Dated: September 20 2022

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How Home Buyers and Sellers Can Stay Proactive & Position Themselves for a Post COVID-19 World

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While it might seem like the Covid-19 world of shelter in place and social distancing will last forever, it won’t. But the question is how long will it last? If you are one of the many home sellers or buyers in Oklahoma who had planned to move in 2020, you may be wondering if you should continue with your plans, or wait for the post-Covid-19 world? It’s normal to be a bit concerned about the future and to question what your next action should be. This advice will help buyers and sellers stay on a track for success, along with the guidance of an agent.

For buyers and sellers: Stay up-to-date about the market 

If you were already in the process of buying or selling a house before Covid-19 hit, then you are likely already familiar with the market in Oklahoma. Even if you decide to put your search on hold, as coronavirus casts a shadow of uncertainty, it’s still wise to stay proactive about the market so you can know when to get serious again. In Oklahoma City, for example, according to Zillow the market is very hot and it’s considered a sellers’ market, meaning sellers may want to forge on for now. In Oklahoma City, home values have gone up 4.3% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will fall -1.3% within the next year. If you are a buyer, that means you may want to wait, as you may find better prices in a few months.

For sellers: Get your home in shape

With more buyers vying to be the new owner of your home, you may think you can relax a bit. But you still need to get your home looking its best to beat out the competition that is out there, and having more time at home might even make this easier. While it might be difficult to shop and completely redecorate your home, you can consider some DIY home staging, moving furniture around and changing lighting to create a space that will be inviting for potential buyers. Curb appeal is another area to tackle, assessing your front yard and weeding, or planting fresh spring flowers. 

For buyers: Research your dream home


If you are a buyer and you have decided to wait out the market, this is your time to dream about what you want in the post-Covid-19 world. Do you want a yard for your dog or kids to play in? What about a chef-ready kitchen? Whatever your dreams, being proactive is about knowing what you want when you are ready to continue on with your search. You can take advantage of virtual home tours to get a better sense of the options without making too much of a time investment. And if you are moving on with your search for buying a home in Oklahoma City, then using virtual tools will make your hunt more efficient. 

For buyers and sellers: Go virtual 

Getting comfortable with going virtual is the biggest shift in buying or selling a home right now because there’s no way of knowing how long social distancing practices will be in place. For sellers, get your home’s online listing ready, if you haven’t already, and work with your agent to create a script and game plan to prepare for virtual open houses or showings. Virtual showings are one of the top selling tips during Coronavirus for sellers. For buyers, be open to falling in love with a home on video, which you can then see in-person to make your crucial final decision. 

Dealing with uncertainty isn’t easy, especially when it comes to a major life decision like buying or selling a home. The best way for buyers and sellers to stay proactive and ready for a post-Covid-19 world is by staying calm and working with your realtor in Oklahoma City to define the best strategy for you and your family, while keeping everyone safe. 

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