Home prices forecast to climb over the next 5 years [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dated: January 12 2024

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Some Highlights

  • If you’re worried about what’s next for home prices, know the HPES shows experts are projecting they’ll continue to rise at least through 2028.
  • Based on that forecast, if you bought a $400,000 house this year, experts say it could gain over $72,000 in equity over the next five years.
  • If you're worried about falling home prices, don't be. Many experts forecast they'll keep rising for years to come. If you have questions, let’s connect. 405-585-6580 or Hello@SoldonShawnee.com.
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Steve Reese

My wife, Sharon, and I live in Shawnee, where I’ve been in the real estate industry since 1994. We’re firmly planted in our little community, where Sharon teaches special education English at Shaw....

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